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Niagara’s finest cigar fans have waited 365 days for the release of Epic Cigars.

Day 366 is here.

Personally, I have always had a passion for full bodied cigars, even before they became a trend. That’s why I appreciate the Epic Cigars lineup - they have bigger ring sizes so you can enjoy their full body taste.

In the beginning, Epic Cigars were enjoyed exclusively in Dominican. They had a bolder taste and a loyal following amongst real cigar fans.

Now the word has spread. More and more cigar lovers are discovering why they are special. Epic Cigars use patiently aged tobaccos that produce nuances of sweet toast, nuts and pepper. They use a binder from Cameroon combined with fillers from Dominican and Nicaragua.

It won’t be long before this cigar is in everyone’s humidor. We are currently stocked up on Habano & Maduro blends, retailing at $15.99 a piece.