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This past week, my brother and I embarked on the journey of a lifetime travelling to Esteli, Nicaragua - and I couldn't wait to send this email ever since I got back!

We went to Nicaragua to produce our own cigar blend, and as you can imagine cigar blending requires a high level of discipline and patience, not to mention countless years of experience. 

So it goes without saying, we needed help from a master cigar blender. Little did I know, one of the finest factories in all of Esteli would open their doors to a few young Canadian men and welcome them into their home. 

A factory, known for producing some of the highest quality blends which are distributed across the globe, such as the brand Crowned Heads. It was an honor, and a dream come true. 

My brother and I spent consecutive days in the factory under the guidance of elite level blenders - and after at least 40 different cigar blends we smoked, we found the one that hit the mark. 

Introducing to you La Espada. An ultra smooth, medium bodied blend that we believe any cigar smoker can enjoy and appreciate! We picked out the highest quality tobacco available, going with Ecuador Habano for the wrapper, an exotic binder and special filler tobaccos that we we're asked to not disclose. 

We brought back a very limited quantity. This is a pre-release for anyone wanting to try and provide us feedback, before the blend goes into mass production, exclusively for our store. 

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