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Ligero is the leaf found at the top of the tobacco plant. The ligero leaf absorbs the most sun and therefore grows to be the thickest leaf. 

It is known for its bold strength and rich flavour. Lots of cigar manufacturers will incorporate Ligero leaf when trying to create a full bodied cigar. The Ligero leaf usually the last part of the plant to be trimmed off. This is done intentionally so that nutrients in the plant forcefully travel to the top, bypassing the bottom and middle leaves. 

The Ligero leaf must be blended carefully due its thickness and the lack of combustibility. Its main purpose is to offer rich flavour to the cigar blend, and so manufacturers will have to compensate the remaining components of the cigar with leaves that can bring more balance to the flavour and a consistent burn. 

A great example of a cigar that incorporates the Ligero leaf well is the Rocky Patel Super Ligero or La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero.