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To get a deeper understanding of what Volado tobacco is, we must first get to know the three main parts of a tobacco plant. 

Tobacco plants are mainly comprised of Volado, Seco and Ligero. Volado is the lowest part, seco is the middle and ligero is the highest of the three. 

The reason why Volado plays a crucial role in the cigar is because it's leaf receives the least sunlight being at the bottom of the plant. This will ultimately result in a thinner leaf, which then leads to better combustion. 

Volado leaves aren't recognized for flavour or strength but rather combustibility. This is why cigar makers will often ensure to use some Volado so that the cigar has a proper burn. 

Many farmers will cut off Volado leaves during the harvest period of the tobacco crop so that the nutrients are more likely to flow to the Seco and Ligero, which will result in thicker and flavourful leaves for that part of the plant. 

Volado leaves are most commonly used for milder cigars that incorporate a Connecticut Shade wrapper, such as the Brickhouse Connecticut or a Macanudo Connecticut Hyde Park. You may have noticed Connecticut cigars burn quicker due to the tobacco leaf being thinner. 

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