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The Canadian cigar market has been faced with tough challenges in recent times, starting from plain packaging all the way to increasing taxes.

For cigar merchants based in Quebec, they are one of the few provinces that enjoy the luxury of having an indoor cigar lounge. Hence, the culture is highly preserved and cigar shops in Montreal are enjoy a community full of cigar enthusiasts. There are many options available for when it comes to which cigars to purchase, but Cubans appear to be the most popular choice.

Here are some fantastic options for cigars to buy in Montreal, or anywhere in Quebec. 

  • Cigare Au Chou #1: Bolivar Belicosos Finos 

    The Bolivar Belicosos is enjoyed amongst cigar lovers all over the province of Quebec! One of many classic Habano Cuban cigars that is also an award winning blend, courtesy of cigar aficionado. 

  • Cigare Au Chou #2: Arturo Fuente Hemingway

    With so many brands available on the market, there are few that rival the history of Arturo Fuente. That seems fitting due to Quebec being a historical province in it's own right. Truthfully, there are many cigar's that merchants on Montreal can buy from the Fuente line, however we went with the Hemingway for this post due to it's iconic Cameroon wrapper and stand out medium bodied profile. 

  • Cigare Au Chou #3: La Aroma De Cuba

    This is a brand that is highly underrated in our cigar shop, and I can imagine it going the heads of many amongst cigar enthusiasts everywhere, including Quebec. It is manufactured by My Father Cigar Factory, an award winning factory with Cuban origin that has built a stellar reputation for putting every ounce of effort into the best blend possible! Aroma De Cuba is certainly a must try!

  • Cigare Au Chou #4: Romeo Y Julieta Puritos - Pack of 5

    For the cigar enthusiast in Quebec who does not have the time to commit to an hour long cigar, a Cuban purito such as the brand Romeo y Julieta is one of the best choices you can make. It will run you about 15 minutes to finish smoking, and packs great flavor for it's size. At an economical price point, you can't do no wrong with giving this product a shot!