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Because I had the privilege of interviewing many cigar brand owners, I asked them what are some unbreakable rules in this industry.

Here is our list of the 10 Cigar Commandments. Enjoy. 

1. Thou shall not brag about the Cuban cigars you purchased on the beach. They are fake. 

2. Thou shall not mistreat your cigar. If you cut too much off the cigar, the wrapper may unravel. 

3. Thou shall store your cigars properly. If you need to refresh your memory on how to optimize your cigar humidity, respond to this email and I will help. 

4. Thou shall not brag about the brand you smoke. The best cigar is the one you enjoy most. 

5. Thou shall learn to light up your cigar properly. If you do it incorrectly, the smoking experience is ruined. 

6. Thou shall not lick your entire cigar prior to cutting. They are not popsicles. 

7. Thou shall not remove the band from the cigar until the flame is near it. This will help ensure the band doesn't peel off the wrapper. 

8. Thou shall ash the cigar correctly. Does your lap look like an ashtray? Remind yourself to frequently ash your cigar in a gentle manner. 

9. Thou shall take your time when smoking a cigar. They are intended to keep you in the present moment and provide you peace of mind. 

10. Thou shall not crush your cigar in the ashtray once you're finished smoking. Let the cigar die a dignified death. 

Thanks for reading, we would love for you to share your thoughts. There can be many more commandments added to the list.