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As many of you may already be aware, I never recommend a cigar I haven't smoked personally. 

And I have probably smoked enough cigars over the years that can cover the entire city of St. Catharines. 

Well perhaps not... but you get the point. 

The list of cigars you're about to read comes at the request of some friends of mine who wanted to know, what cigars under $15 would I keep in my personal humidor? 

And here is your answer: 

La Aurora 1903 Cameroon: This Dominican cigar uses an authentic African Cameroon wrapper, the most expensive wrapper in the world, and has a medium bodied flavour profile with notes of nuts and a cedar woodiness to it. 

Macanudo Broadleaf Robusto: I'd be surprised if you're a fan of medium-full bodied cigars and still haven't tried this. Can't go wrong with Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Especially one produced by Macanudo. 

AJ Fernadnez Last Call Maduro Robusto: Not the longest smoke, but it's perfect if you just want a 1 hour cigar that is full bodied in taste. Rich notes of pepper and chocolate will dominate your palette. 

Don Tomas Classico: As the name suggests, a classic smoke. Don Tomas has done a great job over the years keeping their prices stable. And as this cigar is produced in Honduras, it does not get enough recognition. 

Arista Reserve Maduro 6x52 Toro: Premium long filler smoke using a Mexican San Andres wrapper. If you didn't know, this cigar comes from the same tobacco farm as AJ Fernandez. In fact, AJ himself makes this exclusively for Canada. For $10 a cigar, it makes a strong argument to earn a spot in your humidor. 

That wraps up the list. Of course my palette changes often, and 3 months from now this list can change too. We can revisit this again if you guys want.