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There are tons of concepts and explanations that revolve around the cigar blending process. Each one contains a scientific point of view and narrows in on the key factors such as: soil, climate, curing and fermentation. These are obviously quite impactful when it comes to cigars, but it doesn't end there. Rather it is simply just the beginning. 

The true work of art that makes each cigar unique in it's own way is the heart of the blender. It sounds corny, yet it couldn't be more true. The blender puts in all the skill and passion into one unique idea, and that in and of itself could not be replicated no matter how scientifically correct any other blender is. 

The process from seed to completion is already as mechanical as it is, whether it is farming, harvesting the tobacco, curing the tobacco or even sorting the tobacco into piles. 

There is clearly a distinguishing factor somewhere along that timeline, not all cigars are produced in such a mechanical manner, there is something beyond that. It is hard to grasp the concept how passionate one truly has to be to blend a successful cigar, and that is why there is so few of them out there. 

Surely, more and more blenders are coming on to the scene, but the legends that have established themselves took decades to make it happen, and it'll take decades for the next generation of legendary blenders to make their name as well. Such is the true science behind making cigars.